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Third Eye Chakra Workshop

08/02/2020 £25.00 2pm to 4pm

£5 to INAD in aid of Evie

Heart (Ajna) Chakra 

Colour: Purple


NAME: Ajna

LOCATION: Middle of head at brow level


COLOR: Indigo

PURPOSE: Insight, intuition, vision

DEVELOPMENTAL AGE: Puberty and beyond

BALANCED: Clarity, vision, wisdom

IDENTITY: Archetypal identity

GIFTS: Clarity, insight, imagination

RIGHT: To see and be seen

EXCESSIVE: Delusions, hallucinations

DEFICIENT: Cynical, close mindedness, denial

In this 2-hour workshop we will explore the Third eye chakra and look at its unique power, how it resonates in the body and how we can incorporate it into our yoga practice. Some of the problems that can be associated with a blocked third eye include:

Lack of faith in your purpose

Feeling pointless


Finding your work or life insignificant


Physical symptoms can also be triggered: 

Headaches (including migraines)

Eye discomfort

Back and leg pain

Sinus pain

This chakra represents Wisdom, Faith, Mystery and Loyalty and is located on our brow in the centre of our forehead. This is the sixth chakra in the energy system and is associated with spirituality and is seen as the gateway to other spiritual realms and our higher consciousness. This chakra is the link between our minds and our outer bodies, allowing you to see both internally and externally.

Ajna chakra is the centre of our spiritual connection leading us on the path of Enlightenment. In this workshop we will explore some of the asanas (poses) that help us to unblock our third eye, we will look at how meditation, mantra and affirmations can be used to stimulate energy flow and be guided into them to explore your own unique journey, bringing an open, curious mind and heart as we explore and delve into The Third Eye chakra.

Please remember to bring a water bottle and eat a light meal at least 3 hours before.


Yoga Blast

14/02/2020 7:30pm to 9:30pm

The Alternative Valentine’s Night Session

Get sweaty for all the right reasons! Sarah will be taking you through a yoga session with a difference, combining traditional yoga asana with high intensity interval training in a heated room to an uplifting soundtrack.
Once you’ve got the endorphins pumping, and worked up a sweat you can relax and enjoy a cocktail/mocktail infused with fresh herbs and fruits.
Be your own valentine – happy self-love.
Sarah xx





Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation Workshop

15/02/2020 12:30pm to 2:30pm

Workshop Tickets £30 / early bird until January 31st 2020 £25


Join Paula Restarick on this heart opening Yoga and Meditation Healing Immersion of loving kindness.

Embraced by a beautiful ambiance and space held by sacred sounds, this ‘ALCHEMY of LOVE’ Workshop is enhanced by the natural healing energy of CACAO, used for its HEART opening properties and pure ROSE essential oil to soothe and support emotions.

Expect a guided, sacred, held space for releasing and resetting energetically as we let go of negativity by clearing and cleansing your heart space with an empowering practice of
Traditional Hatha Yoga with gentle pranayama, Mantra and Mudra to re-enforce a sense of loving SELF-CARE for your mind, body and respiratory system and therefore boosting your life-force ESSENCE.
Completing our love immersion, with hearts beating as one, in a loving kindness meditation (Metta) to heavenly sounds and ending in a super long, supine Savanasana with a (optional) Rose oil and Marma points mini ‘massage’ …………Total Bliss!

CACAO is used to commence this heart-warming journey (VEGAN and Optional)….
This anti-oxidising, gentle by powerful, highly nutritious plant medicine is used to open Anahata (Heart Chakra), ground the body and uplift the Spirit.

CEREMONIAL Cacao gives you the opportunity to CONNECT and LISTEN to your heart and SOUL as it is known to trigger BLISS hormones and therefore creates a NATURAL heightened state of SPIRITUAL AWARENESS, manifesting a beautiful aid for INNER WORK and healing within Yoga and Meditation.

This Yogic healing immersion of NURTURE and relaxation, sends a message to yourself and a VIBE out to the World that you are full of SELF-LOVE.
Making you strong and empowered and in control of your life!!!

Leave feeling lighter and brighter, re-connected to YOURSELF and the UNIVERSE and …

DRESS CODE: – Be comfortable and Be YOU

SACRED LOVE SPACE held by Paula Restarick Yoga and Meditation teacher, Master Healer, Holistic Specialist, Ayurveda Health, Beauty and Yoga Therapist; L4 Tutor and Assessor.

Paula has dedicated her life to pursue her love of Spirituality, Yoga and Natural Wellbeing, whose intuitive work centres around using tools of divinity to guide students and clients back home to their authentic self; bringing to her teachings over 35 years of professional knowledge, ancient rituals and traditional practices .
She believes in the transformational and healing benefits of these practices and is passionate about supporting others on their own journey.

Paula is based is Leigh-on-Sea, where she facilitates her Holistic Teaching Centre
She teaches regular Yoga classes and Workshops throughout Essex and manages an established Holistic Health and Natural Beauty business.
Info: paula_lotusrose // Enquiries //
Bookings 07958 682172



Gong Bath

21/02/2020 £20 7:30pm to 9:30pm

 With Roger Gong

A gong bath is a sound immersion in which you are bathed in the sound of the gong. The gong has been used since antiquity as a powerful sound healer that permeates every cell of the body, deeply nourishes the parasympathetic nervous system and permits healing that is beyond the conscious mind of ego, thought and form.

In a gong bath you simply lie down, warm and comfortable and let the sound waves wash over you for a profound unique experience

No experience necessary. All welcome



Crown Chakra Workshop

07/03/2020 £25.00 2pm to 4pm

£5 to Changing Pathways Domestic Violence Charity

Crown Chakra / Sahasrara Chakra

Colour: White/Purple

Crown Chakra Workshop

In this 2hour workshop you’ll tune into the seventh Chakra of your body, the Sahasrara Chakra which vibrates the colour white or purple (or sometimes gold) where the feminine (shakti) and masculine (shiva) powers unite and we can transcend into samadhi a state of bliss.

The crown chakra, is the seventh primary chakra and is located at the crown of the head. Its element is thought and the corresponding endocrine gland is the pineal gland & linked closely to the brain & nervous system.

Like the Third Eye Chakra, this chakra deals with divinity, enlightenment, and true and complete balance. This serves as a connection to the universe and helps breed our imagination and self-creation.

Just as the root chakra grounded us to the earth the crown chakra unites us to our spirit.

When the crown chakra is strong we feel a balanced connection to the spiritual side of our lives. Our life’s work takes on a deep spiritual meaning and everything we do becomes humanitarian by nature.

In this workshop we will be working through 4 of the 5 principles of yoga, asana, pranayama, meditation & relaxation to allow our mind, body & spirit to unite. We will be chanting to remove any obstacles; we will work on asanas leading the energy up from the root chakra to the crown chakra and have a peaceful meditation & visualisations to ignite the shakti & shiva forces and enter samadhi.

Getting ready to come: have a light meal 3 hours before the workshop, bring water & a smile and be prepared for a blissful practice.

With love & light,




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