About Devi-Deva

Devi-Deva is a dream that unfolded by a chance observation of an empty building. Peering through the window and seeing the bright open space filled my mind with ideas of what a wonderful place this could be for the local community to come and find their own sense of wellbeing. After returning home I was looking through some paperwork and came across an old journal which I opened straight to a page on which I had written a letter, in 2015, to the universe asking for a yoga and holistic centre to serve the community. You could have knocked me down with a feather – what a wake up and take action call!

My own journey to wellbeing started over twenty years ago when I began studying psychology, sociology and psychoanalysis and became intrigued with the wonders of the mind and how we develop as human beings. This journey continued and I trained as a Psychotherapist and then became a clinical supervisor and tutor, teaching mother and baby; developing and deepening my understanding of attachment and relationships.

During my journey I have met countless beautiful spirits, sometimes crushed by the stresses of life; sometimes battling for existence, and sometimes just needing to tell their story to someone who will listen – they have all left an imprint in my heart!

Over the years I have attended several yoga classes, meditation groups and retreats; met amazing teachers and spiritual beings whose depth and care for humanity has been enriching, heartfelt and inspiring – This is the ethos of Devi-Deva to bring care, warmth, laughter and joy to the community.

We welcome you with open hearts

Shine Bright

Caz xx


oe – founder of Devi-Deva Yoga and Holisitic Centre has taken a shell of an old retail unit and built a beautiful, calming space from top to bottom.  He has always been interested in nutrition and the body, and works out on a daily basis.  He is currently pursuing training in areas of food and nutrition and quietly meditates as a way of bringing him back to himself when feeling the stresses of life.


Shine Bright


Today Is A Perfect Day To Just Be Happy.


18 Springfield Avenue | Hutton | Essex CM13 1RE



07549 139643



Opening times: 

Monday to Friday: 09.00 to 21.00

Saturday: 09.00 to 18.00

Sunday: 09.00 to 18.00

How to find us:

We are situated at the end of the parade of shops in Springfield Avenue.

We are between Billericay and Shenfield. (0.5 from Shenfield station )

There are plenty of free parking spaces outside and in the surrounding roads


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