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Meet Adriana, our Studio Manager



 I started my teaching journey as an Exercise to Music Instructor at age 16 and have loved teaching ever since. I studied performing arts and love bringing ballet and dance into my Barre Pilates classes. I qualified as a Level 3 Pilates teacher in July 2017 and completed a 500 hour, Hatha Yoga diploma in November 2018. I hope to encourage more people to stay active, practice Yoga and Meditation. I wish to share the beauty of the world we live in, as well as how to welcome love and guidance from the universe.

I learnt that Yoga is more than a class, it’s lifestyle choice, the spiritual practice is enlightening and the physical practice unites the mind, body and spirit. I continued my journey and qualified in Vinyasa Yoga in May 2021. I guarantee you will leave my classes feeling relaxed and an enhanced sense of well-being

Shine Bright,

Adriana xx

Nicola Emmerson



I’m trained in and focus on Vinyasa Yoga, placing emphasis on moving mindfully through each pose, using the breath to create a flowing sequence, incorporating breath awareness and meditation to help create a sense of feeling grounded, calm and energised.

 Shine Bright


Nicola xx



I trained as a Pilates teacher in 2017 and fell in love with the simplicity of each move, offering you a way of understanding your body’s ability using concentration, control and breath. Pilates allows us to stretch, strengthen and mobilise the whole body.

I trained as a Hatha yoga teacher in 2018. My classes are an invitation to roll out the red carpet for you to expand your mind and your relationship with your internal and external self. Yoga is not about being good at something, it’s about being good to yourself. This is what my classes are all about, we won’t worry about looking perfect, instead we will focus on what feels good for you. My Hatha flows are gentle for beginners with options to deepen your practice. So come along and simply ride the wave of your breath and take some time to create a little bit of space for you.
Shine Bright

Charlotte xx



Hi I’m Sam. Passionately believing Yoga and meditation are for everyone, Samantha makes them accessible to all with a dash of humor and a pinch of philosophy. With a background in Psychology and as a Well Woman Yoga specialist, she supports women through the transitional stages of life teaching Yoga for moon phases, fertility, pregnancy, menopause and beyond… to mindfully connect clients with their changing physical and emotional bodies.

As part of her continuing professional development, Samantha is currently training as a Yoga Therapist with Yogacampus London and as such teaches therapeutically with an appreciation of the healing, nurturing aspects of Yoga.

Shine Bright,

Sam xx




Hi I’m Rona. My background is gymnastics. I started coaching when I was 14 when I passed my first coaching exam. I became a fully qualified coach at 19 and I’ve run a club for over 20 years.
After having twins in 2001, I decided to go into adult fitness and qualified in 2008. This enabled me to work around the children teaching mainly Pilates.

I am level 3 in Pilates, Personal Training & GP Referrals. I also qualified in spin/RPM/Stages, Boxercise, Core stability, Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Reformer Pilates and Pilates for people with orthopaedic conditions.

In 2011 I went into teaching full time which I love. In my spare time, not that I have much, I still enjoy training at an Adult gymnastics club and running around after my 3 children.

Shine Bright,

Rona xx



I’m thrilled to be teaching at Devi-Deva and sharing this wonderful practice with you. Since I began my journey 8 years ago, the physicality and spirituality of yoga has become the essential tonic for my mind, body and soul. My mission is to share this wisdom. I qualified as a teacher three years ago and have found it the most rewarding thing I could’ve chosen to do.

My students will gain strength, flexibility, balance and focus. I try to help students link movement with breath and stay in tune with how their whole body is feeling. I continually work on improving my own practice to gain more knowledge of this wonderful gift.

Shine Bright,

Dawn xx

Tash Schofield



Yoga means to unite. It is not just about getting into different poses, it is so much more. I learnt this when I did my 200hr YTT in Bali with YogaUnion. I teach predominantly Vinyasa style with mixtures of Hatha and Restorative Yoga. I offer different intensities in my classes so everybody has the opportunity to explore different levels and see what works for them and their bodies. I will always work towards making my classes accessible to everybody who wishes to come along and share their energy with me. You can find me on my mat with an assortment of crystals and my Palo Santo in hand as I am extremely passionate about energies, the seven Chakras and crystal healing.

When I went to do my YTT I didn’t have the intention of becoming a teacher but more to better my practice as well as deepen the connection I have with myself. From teaching my first ever class in the most bizarre and intense thunderstorm I knew that I had found my home. To see movement with the breath and the joy it brings to people is a feeling like no other. My yoga practice is about being kind to yourself, accepting where you are at that exact moment in time and knowing that every movement you make is absolutely perfect for you.

My classes are intended to unite you back to yourself in a non-judgmental environment whether it is through a dynamic and sometimes challenging flow or a more gentle and mindful flow. I am honoured to help you take time for yourself, to work on yourself and unite with yourself.

Shine Bright,



18 Springfield Avenue | Hutton | Essex CM13 1RE



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Monday to Friday: 09.00 to 21.00

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Sunday: 09.00 to 18.00

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We are situated at the end of the parade of shops in Springfield Avenue.

We are between Billericay and Shenfield. (0.5 from Shenfield station )

There are plenty of free parking spaces outside and in the surrounding roads


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