Our Shining Devis

Nicola Emmerson



I’m trained in and focus on Vinyasa Yoga, placing emphasis on moving mindfully through each pose, using the breath to create a flowing sequence, incorporating breath awareness and meditation to help create a sense of feeling grounded, calm and energised.

 Shine Bright


Nicola xx

Rona Breading



Hi I’m Rona. My background is gymnastics. I started coaching when I was 14 and passed my first coaching exam.  I became a fully qualified coach at 19 and I’ve run a club for over 20 years, whilst working in Banking/IT in the city.
After having twins in 2001, I decided to go into adult fitness and qualified in 2008. This enabled me to work around the children and I taught mainly Pilates whilst still doing 2 days in the city.
I am level 3 in Pilates, Personal Training & GP Referrals. I also qualified in spin/RPM/Stages, Boxercise, Core stability, Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Reformer Pilates and Pilates for people with orthopaedic conditions.
In 2011 my bank shut down and I went into teaching full time which I love.
In my spare time, not that I have much, I still enjoy training at an Adult gymnastics club and running around after my 3 children.

Shine Bright

Rona xx

Lou Alltimes



I found my way into a yoga class about 7 years ago. I had absolutely no idea what I walking into, except, I probably wasn’t flexible enough for whatever the hour had in store for me. Ironically, something I find many people saying to me now. An hour later, I came out hooked. I hadn’t even thought about the flexibility, but what I had found was something much better. Something that helped me with my mind. Each class I went to, I found it was the same, week after week, the buzz of energy that rushed through my body and the more I practised, the more I started to learn about myself. I was never gifted with flexibility as a child, and I found that I held a lot of my past in my body. Throughout my practise, I found a way to meet with past emotions that I had turned my back on and it became a gift to me as I gained a new skill, to listen to my body and me. I gained strength and flexibility as I went, however that to me was only an added bonus. Inevitably, it led me to delve into the philosophy of Yoga and I decided to deepen my practice and knowledge, by completing my 200hr teacher training with Yoga London, becoming fully accredited by Yoga Alliance in August 2018. After completing this, I decided to share my love and passion and started to teach, my main practice being Ashtanga Vinyasa. I love the way movement, can allow you to free your body from the mind and truly open to expression, liberating the spirit. To say I am qualified as a Yoga teacher is a truth, but I am forever a student to life and Yoga. I believe Yoga offers us all something and it is up to us individually, to take what we need from it, whether that be spiritual, mental or physical strength, each one can be met and offered to all. I invite you to the mat, to let go of all preconceptions, all judgements, all worries and explore what Yoga brings for you.

Shine Bright

Lou xx

Sam Maguire



 Passionately believing Yoga and meditation are for everyone, Samantha makes them accessible to all with a dash of humour and a pinch of philosophy. With a background in Psychology and as a Wellwoman Yoga specialist, she supports women through the transitional stages of life teaching Yoga for moon phases, fertility, pregnancy, menopause and beyond……to mindfully connect clients with their changing physical and emotional bodies. As part of her continuing professional development, Samantha is currently training as a Yoga Therapist with Yogacampus London and as such teaches therapeutically with an appreciation of the healing, nurturing aspects of Yoga.

Shine Bright,

Sam xx

Sarah Green



I’m a mum of one and yoga, gin & chocolate lover.

After 10+ years in sales and marketing, I turned a passion into much much more in 2017. I’ve practiced yoga in Thailand, India, the Welsh Valleys and Essex.

My classes are dynamic, sometimes challenging but always with the aim that we smile as we strengthen the body and mind.

Shine Bright,

Sarah xx

Nina Biodrowicz



I am a Certified BarreConcept Method Instructor offering Barre classes to general and special populations in South Essex. As a Personal Trainer and Women Health Coach, I also specialise in Pre & Post Natal Care.

My professional background is in Dancing when I joined the School of Dance at the age of 6. During my 10 years in the School of Dance I travelled Europe and performed traditional, folklore and ballroom dances as part of the Dance group called “Algi” (“Algea”). My passion for movement and active life style thrived throughout the years. I gained Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer REPs Level 3 qualifications (London, 2015) to deepen my knowledge. I ran HIIT, Indoor Cycling Classes, Circuits and I offered private PT sessions in various boutique styled studios in London before moving to Essex in 2016.

Since my real passion was always Dance and Ballet, in 2018 I decided to gain the professional qualifications that would allow me to teach Barre – Ballet inspired workout. Barre combines the technique of Ballet, Dance, Pilates precision, Yoga body alignment and Sports Conditioning performed to the energetic, upbeat music. I believe there is plenty of room at the Barre and I aspire to inspire others to let their inner Barre Belles shine at the Barre. I am qualified to run Barre classes for generic population and also for pregnancies and over 60’s. I teach Barre classes at Adagio School of Dance in Brentwood (Essex) and other fitness studios based in South Essex.

Shine Bright

Nina xx

Tash Schofield



Yoga means to unite. It is not just about getting into different poses, it is so much more. I learnt this when I did my 200hr YTT in Bali with YogaUnion. I teach predominantly Vinyasa style with mixtures of Hatha and Restorative Yoga. I offer different intensities in my classes so everybody has the opportunity to explore different levels and see what works for them and their bodies. I will always work towards making my classes accessible to everybody who wishes to come along and share their energy with me. You can find me on my mat with an assortment of crystals and my Palo Santo in hand as I am extremely passionate about energies, the seven Chakras and crystal healing.

When I went to do my YTT I didn’t have the intention of becoming a teacher but more to better my practice as well as deepen the connection I have with myself. From teaching my first ever class in the most bizarre and intense thunderstorm I knew that I had found my home. To see movement with the breath and the joy it brings to people is a feeling like no other. My yoga practice is about being kind to yourself, accepting where you are at that exact moment in time and knowing that every movement you make is absolutely perfect for you.

My classes are intended to unite you back to yourself in a non-judgmental environment whether it is through a dynamic and sometimes challenging flow or a more gentle and mindful flow. I am honoured to help you take time for yourself, to work on yourself and unite with yourself.

Shine Bright,





I’ve been practicing yoga for over 17 years.  I completed my 200 hour Yoga Alliance Accredited Teacher Training Course in 2019 and have been teaching at studios around Essex and via Zoom ever since.
Physical fitness has always been a big part of my life.  I went to dance school for 23 years and qualified as a Ballet Teacher in 2004.  In recent years, I’ve completed various swimathons, bikeathons and triathlons, I’m also an advanced Scuba Diver and even took up rock climbing before falling pregnant with my first daughter in 2015.
I teach Vinyasa Flow Yoga and my classes have been described as fun, friendly, cool and funky!  I always give lots of options throughout so they are suitable for beginners as well as those with a more advanced yoga practice.  I truly believe that everyone’s yoga journey is unique, and nothing makes me happier than to see everyone doing what is right for them.

Shine Bright,

Diana xx

Steph Malfatti



I have practiced Yoga and Pilates for more than 5 years and qualified as a teacher to continue my learning journey. A couple of years ago I made the decision to leave the professional world behind and help others find the joys and benefits of fitness that I found. I now teach a variety of Vinyasa based yoga classes for people of all abilities and both relaxing and high energy Pilates. Over time, yoga and Pilates have become more than just about fitness, I have found the principles and practice of yoga to be an incredible asset to my mental and physical health. I love the way I can relieve my anxiety, stress and busy mind through each and every practice and how they ground me and make me more centered. I come out of any Yoga and Pilates session happy and that’s what I hope to bring to everyone who attends one of my classes.

Shine Bright,

Steph xx




 I started my teaching journey as an Exercise to Music Instructor at age 16 and have loved teaching ever since. I qualified as a Level 3 Pilates teacher in July 2017 and completed a 500 hour, Hatha Yoga diploma in November 2018.  I learnt that Yoga is more than a class, it’s a lifestyle choice, the spiritual practice is enlightening and the physical practice unites the mind, body and spirit. I guarantee you will leave my classes feeling relaxed and enhanced sense of well-being.

Shine Bright,

Adriana xx


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